My Approach

What we can offer you

It may have taken you a long time to decide to call a lawyer. When you call me, you may rest assured, I will not waste your time and I will do my best to give you valuable information and valuable service for your legal fees. I will give you my best realistic assessment of your case, and not just what I think you want to hear. Whether we start with good news, or whether we identify a number of challenges to overcome, I will work for you to get the best possible result.

My approach to taking care of business is simply, taking care of you. There is no magic. In some cases, there are no simple solutions. However, I have decades of experience finding or creating the solutions for the types of difficult problems you may need to resolve. I believe the clients, who rely on me, come to me, looking for answers to questions and the information to back up those answers. I will listen to your concerns and provide you with all of the available information in a straightforward manner. I believe justice is done and justice is seen to be done when there is a legal, successful resolution of a problem which treats every one fairly according to the law. When our work together is over, justice means you have been protected fairly, you have been respected, your children have been protected, no one has taken advantage of you, and you have not taken unfair advantage of anyone else.

Cohabitation agreements, separation agreements, divorces, real estate purchases, selling your home, re-financing a mortgage, making your Will and Powers of Attorney are completed to incorporate and acknowledge the most current and innovative developments in the law. Most family law or estate disputes are settled without a trial. I believe a negotiated settlement based on fair and balanced compromise makes the most sense. However, sometimes the resolution of disputes needs to start with a Court process to reign in, or to focus the other party, to achieve stability, to secure temporary or permanent protection, or to answer a threat.

I will focus on resolving your problems with the least possible conflict. My skill and experience is in knowing when to be flexible, when to be tough, and how to be, tough enough. No matter what it takes to protect you, to create your plan, or to complete your deal, I will work with you in the steady pursuit of your best interests.